Top 12 Trends for Food & Beverage Industry in 2014

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According to Food Manufacturer, the top 12 trends for the food and beverage industry are centered around health and wellness. The top 12 trends include:

1. Nutritionally Functional – Today’s consumer is always on-the-go. But growing consumer awareness of health and nutrition,means that consumers today want to be able to get everything their body needs in the quickest, easiest way possible. Nutritionally functional beverages, such as relaxation beverages or probiotic drinks, provide the consumer with everything that they need in one easy, convenient supplement.

2. Dairy – Dairy is making a comeback as a ‘whole’ food. With more and more consumers growing concerned about the impact of artificial flavors on their bodies, dairy products serve as a whole foods alternative which is packed with good-for-you nutrients. This trend can most easily be seen in the explosion of the greek yogurt sector.

3. Protein – Everyone has seen low-carb product, but seldom  have products been marketed as high protein. With the expansion of pre- and post-workout supplements, protein products have now become viable competition for their low-carb or low-fat alternatives. High protein products will likely take off in the next year.

4. Energy – The energy drink sector has been very strong for several years now, even outperforming the carbonated soda sector. However, more and more people are looking for natural energy. With the allegations against Monster Energy and the controversy surrounding energy drinks in general, it is clear that consumers will want an alternative to energy drinks which still provides energy.

5. Weight Wellness – Weight loss has never been a fad so much as a society staple.Today’s consumer considers weight management in almost every food&beverage purchase. For this reason, weight management is no longer the best tactic for food & beverage companies. Rather, food&beverage companies should focus on weight wellness  by providing healthy products that the modern weight-conscious consumers would prefer over an unhealthy alternative.

6. Snacking – Snack foods have never been healthy. In fact, most of the time they are called junk food. However, food&beverage companies should strive to develop snack foods which are healthy and low-calorie.

7. Slow Energy – The energy drink trend should be enough of an indication that the modern consumer wants energy and they want it now. However, with so much attention being brought onto health and wellness, consumers are beginning to realize how their food&beverage choices provide slow energy, as opposed to the fast energy of an energy drink. Slow energy will likely take the  form of ‘whole’ or ‘raw’ foods and beverages.

8. Sugar – The recent backlash against aspartame and sugar substitutes is nothing new. However, what is new is the division that it has created among consumers. While some consumers are open to new, innovative sugar substitutes, others prefer whole, natural sugar products. Food and beverage companies should strive to provide both options.

9. Permission to Indulge – With so many health conscious consumers on the market today, food&beverage companies must appeal to their consumers by providing great tasting, diet alternatives which allow the consumer to ‘indulge’ in the finer, richer things in life without feeling like they are on a diet.

10. Free-from – An easy way for food&beverage companies to make their natural products seem like the healthier alternative on the retail shelf is for them to market their products as ‘free-from’ alternatives, such as processed ingredients, gluten or fat. ‘Free from’ draws on the power of the ‘natural’ trend (above) to appeal to the consumer who is looking for a whole food alternative.

11. Seniors – The baby boomers are just now starting to become senior citizens. With so many older consumers on the market, food&beverage companies should create products which appeal to the concerns of senior citizens, such as heart and eye health for example.

12. Kids’ Nutrition – Parents often allow their children to make some of the buying decisions at the retail store. As such, having products which are uniquely marketed towards children, but which are also healthy and parent-approved, is a great strategy for food&beverage companies.


To learn more about these trends, please visit Food Manufacturedairy.

Multiple Health Benefits of Whey Protein

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A current post on describes how whey protein is the next new-generation of beverages with a wide variety of health benefits, exclaims Power Brands, a prominent beverage industry expert. The article ‘The benefits of new-generation whey protein’, declares that the new generation whey protein is a world of difference compared to traditional products.

According to Edward Taylor, managing director of Purition, there are multiple health benefits of whey protein. Additionally, new generation whey protein is reaching out to a broader range of consumers particularly people who are health oriented and want to get fit.


Proteins are essential for maintaining a healthy body, add Power Brands. They provide people with energy, assist the immune system and help fight illness and disease. Protein is also important for maintaining healthy muscle plus helps build cartilage, skin, hair and nails.

Old verses New

Protein products have long been used by fitness professionals like athletes, bodybuilders and sports professionals. However, rendering the article, there is a wealth of difference between traditional products used in the past compared to the new-generation whey protein.

The new-generation whey proteins appeal to a much wider audience. The audience also includes health enthusiasts and people who want to increase longevity.   As well, the new-generation whey proteins have a far better taste than the old stand-by proteins, says Power Brands. According to the post, the new whey uses 100% natural ingredients, and has no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Plus, the article states that the new version does not contain fillers such as gums or starches like the older versions of whey.

Motivation for Getting Slimmer

Conferring to the article, high quality whey protein is much more easily absorbed and digested. It is suggested that you should take it first thing in the morning with some fiber to be more effective.  According to the article, this is an excellent breakfast option for people who want to lose weight, says Power Brands. As well, if you are looking for something that helps with fast and natural muscle recovery, whey protein might be ideal.

In the past, the whey protein market was mostly male oriented. However, today there are numerous women who are motivated to slim down. The difference is that typically women are more concerned about quality and familiar ingredients compared to men.

Traditional whey protein products had a long list of ingredients. In today’s world, this can be a deterrent for many consumers, says Power Brands. Yet new whey protein products are more practical when it comes to marketing. Consumers want something packed with nutrition that has natural ingredients, adds Power Brands.

No doubt, the new whey protein will attract a wider audience, says Power Brands. According to the article, the new product reinforces positive, health-oriented choices and is clearly accessible to a wider audience.  Equally, consumers want products that are high in quality and are healthy.

The new generation is ‘lifestyle’ oriented, says Power Brands, they want a clean, natural and fresh product.  For full details on the article go to: The benefits of new-generation whey protein.

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